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I am a daughter, a sister, a friend and a singer. I can say this without being threatened or risking my life.

During my upbringing in Sweden I based the perception that free- dom of expression was a human right. That a Zan, like myself, had the same rights anywhere and everywhere in the world.


My life experiences have taught me that others are unfortunately not as lucky as I have been. Experiences such as leaving my native Iran, the war between Iran and Iraq and moving to Sweden have shaped me into whom I am today. I have been blessed by other peoples stories and different cultures, but I can’t close my eyes and neglect those who are less fortunate than me.

I was three when I left my beautiful Iran.

Throughout the years I sought out other women who, unlike me, stayed in Iran during the revoultion, the wars, the sanctions and the demonstrations.

Different Zan, young women, that have taken human rights extremely serious, unlike my upbringing in Sweden, where we almost take it for granted.

I realized the importance of hearing and sharing their stories, so I gathered nine women and their personal stories about thier living situation and their struggles, as a Zan.


I hope that this book can give us women more strength and hope when it comes to life and our goals. In a country with regulated free- dom of expression, these nine women tell us how they struggle against all odds, to achieve what they love the most.

I made this book not only for those who never thought that their story would be heard, but also for women in the Western world that have the freedom to express themselves, but don’t know what to do with this freedom. Let’s be proud to be a ZAN and fight for it.

For three years I have been silent. I have sat behind my computer and sent emails, laughed, cried and talked on the phone with these women. These women are limited by their own talent, creativity and femininity.

I wanted to create joy and hope for them.

So my time became theirs and their voice became a book.

Let’s create a change by knowing and understanding.

To start with. 

ZAN...the song


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